Who are we?

Hi there, thank you for visiting our site! We are Melissa and Greg. First and foremost we are parents to 3 wonderful and ENERGETIC kids who we love SO much and our challenged by daily. Like so many parents we are just finding our way in this crazy world, trying to teach our kids you should follow your passions in life and spread joy to the people around you.

Why start a cooking blog?

I actually started this site years ago, back in 2010 I think, because my wife is an amazing cook who’s food always gets rave reviews and I wanted a place to share some of her family recipes and some of our family adventures. The blog went untended to there for a little while we were focusing on our 3 young kids, but now we have recommitted and plan to make regular updates and improvements. It’s about time!

More about Greg

Father, husband, web designer, programmer, photographer, writer, and entrepreneur.

More about Melissa

Melissa is an amazing mother and wife! She is a former Oyster Algologist (What’s that you ask? She grew algae to feed baby oysters as part of the oyser restoration effort), but she stepped away from that job to focus more time and energy on our kids (a non-stop full time job as you parents know!) and so that she could devote more time and energy to this blog. Melissa comes from a family of great cooks who love to get together and hang out, with great food, of course! A trip to visit her family isn’t complete without a trip to her grandmother’s for some of her famously delicious pancakes with homemade applesauce.

What do we hope to accomplish?

Well, first and foremost we hope to share our joy for cooking and great food. And hopefully we can also shed some light on how you can still enjoy great food while leading a busy 3 kid lifestyle. As many of you know finding time to spend in the kitchen in the busy family lifestyle is a supreme challenge as is eating healthy and finding something that everyone will eat! But we believe it can be done and hopefully we can embrace this challenge together.

Also, as someone who has over a decade of experience in the web design industry and experience in the photography industry I also hope to share tips and resources for building and monetizing a blog, taking great pictures, and growing your business.

And full transparency, we won’t get upset if our thoughts on blogging or pizza dough bring in a little money for the family income stream. We will attempt to monetize this blog through advertising, affiliate links, and some of our own products/resources, but we will hopefully always do this in a thoughtful and appropriate way and we fully understand the only way to do this is by offering true value to you! We are committed to that vision and we welcome any thoughts, comments, or even critiques you have about our site. We will take them, learn from them, and hopefully make this site even better.

Thanks for learning a bit about our story. We’d love to hear more about yours so please feel free to drop us a line, introduce yourself, and tell us what you’re up to.

Greg and Melissa