How to Make an Owl Cake

So why does one learn how to make an owl cake?

Because one’s daughter is going to love it!

February turned into the month of cakes at our house. The kids birthdays are both in early February, I was up in the cake baking rotation at work, and my family came to visit for a big birthday weekend bash which was supposed to feature THREE cakes:

  • An Owl Cake
  • A Farm/Tractor Themed Oatmeal Cake
  • A Gluten Free Almost Vegan Cake
  • But how does one find time to make an owl cake, an oatmeal cake, and a vegan cake? As it turns out this did prove a little daunting and the actually party was downgraded to just the owl cake and the farm/tractor cake. But throw in a couple of test runs and February still became the month of cakes and sugar highs…soon followed by March, the month of cake withdrawal.

    Researching How to Make an Owl Cake

    Since my daughter is currently in love with owls I spent some time searching the internet trying to come up with some tips on how to make an owl cake or at least a cake decorated with an owl theme. I remembered the classic coconut bunny cake that my stepmom made for us one year at Easter–the one where you bake two round cakes and cut the second one into the shape of two ears and a bow tie. So I cut out two small circles and played around with cutting them to come up with an owl shape. I ended up baking a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting using this recipe from Martha Stewart (it calls for three layers, I just baked it in two 8″ round cake tins). For the eyes, I went with a couple of oreo cookies with chocolate chip pupils. Throw on some chopped walnut feathers, a carrot beak, and voila! Owl cake!

    Learning how to make an owl cake was a real hoot

    Learning how to make an owl cake was a real hoot

    The Oatmeal Cake was easier to make as I have made it many times before. I refrained from actually trying to turn the cake into a tractor and instead just decorated the top of the cake with a tractor.

    Vroom! Vroom! Tractor Birthday Cake!Vroom! Vroom! Tractor Birthday Cake!

    Minimal Effort. Maximum Birthday Fun! Can I get a hoot hoot! Sorry…owl cake humor.

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